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toasted 94

A small batch Kentucky Bourbon aged a minimum of 4 years. Sourced from Bardstown Bourbon Company and Green River, blended together. Then re-barreled in new traditional medium toasted barrels for a minimum of 45 days. The toasted barrel amplified the bourbon to where we wanted it to be. 

The result – is a pleasantly balanced toasted bourbon with just the right amount of vanilla, candy and sweet oak flavor. Bottled at 94 proof this bourbon will surely become a staple on any bar. 


Rye 101

Rye Old Fashioned

Although non-age stated, Rye 101 is a blend of nonchill filtered
MGP rye barrels, all over 6 years old and blended to our specifications.We feel that 101 is the perfect proof to hold up to cocktails, sip neat, or
enjoy on the rocks. The spice blends with a subtle sweetness to dance
this blend across all of your taste buds.

Our rye blend has been awarded a double gold medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2023!


Bark batch

Bark Batch for Fetch is a small batch bourbon bottled at 86 proof.

Why 86 proof? 86 banks turned down Fetch founder Stephen Ochs for funding! Bark Batch bourbon is a blend of several barrels all over 3 years old sourced from Bardstown bourbon company.

A very easy drinker with hints of cherry cola, vanilla, and apricot. This will be your go to bourbon while hanging with your 2 or 4 legged friend.

A portion of all sales from this bottle is donated to local non kill animal shelters.


El Jefe

What happens when a mezcal barrel meets a 7 ½-year-old Kentucky American Whiskey for 1.5 years…

The result – a perfectly balanced blend of Kentucky and Oaxaca flavors that highlights the dark, rich oak of aged whiskey and the bright vanilla and citrus notes of mezcal – with just the right amount of smoke.

Bottled at barrel proof proof, El Jefe balances strong, smooth, and sweet.


Barrel Proof rye