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Toasted 94

shorbarrel toasted bourbon

A small batch Kentucky Bourbon aged a minimum of 4 years. Sourced from Bardstown Bourbon Company and Green River, blended. Then re-barreled in new traditional medium toasted barrels for a minimum of 45 days, depending on the season. The toasted barrel amplified the bourbon to where we wanted it to be. 

The result – is a pleasantly balanced toasted bourbon with just the right amount of vanilla, candy and sweet oak flavor. Bottled at 94 proof this bourbon will surely become a staple on any bar. 


Rye 101

shortbarrel rye 101

Although non-age stated, Rye 101 is a blend of nonchill filtered MGP rye barrels, all over 6 years old and blended to our specifications.We feel that 101 is the perfect proof to hold up to cocktails, sip neat, or enjoy on the rocks. The spice blends with a subtle sweetness to dancethis blend across all of your taste buds.

Our rye blend has been awarded a double gold medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2023!


El Jefe (2023)

What happens when a mezcal barrel meets a 7 ½-year-old Kentucky American Whiskey for 1.5 years…

The result – a perfectly balanced blend of Kentucky and Oaxaca flavors that highlights the dark, rich oak of aged whiskey and the bright vanilla and citrus notes of mezcal – with just the right amount of smoke.

Bottled at barrel proof proof, El Jefe balances strong, smooth, and sweet.


Bark Batch

Bark Batch for Fetch is a small batch bourbon bottled at 86 proof.

Why 86 proof? 86 banks turned down Fetch founder Stephen Ochs for funding! Bark Batch bourbon is a blend of several barrels all over 3 years old sourced from Bardstown bourbon company.

A very easy drinker with hints of cherry cola, vanilla, and apricot. This will be your go to bourbon while hanging with your 2 or 4 legged friend.

A portion of all sales from this bottle is donated to local non kill animal shelters.


El Jefe Tres (2024)

Introducing El Jefe Tres, a one-of-a-kind bourbon whiskey that pushes the boundaries of flavor.

This unique blend combines a Kentucky American Whiskey and MGP aged in mezcal, sotol, and tequila barrels for an average of of 2.3 years. The result is a perfectly balanced fusion of Kentucky and Oaxaca flavors, showcasing rich oak, vanilla, citrus, and a hint of smoke.


Rye BP

Our first-ever single barrel of rye! Aged 7 years and at barrel-proof, this is a must for any barrel-proof lover!

MGP Distilled, 95/5


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BIB Bourbon

old fourth bottled in bond

Our meticulously crafted bourbon is known for its remarkable complexity, owing to an aging process of four years in Atlanta which imparts depth and character. Bottled at 100 proof, each batch is meticulously curated, limited to a true small batch of slightly over 10 barrels. Our traditional mash bill, expertly composed with an emphasis on corn and rye, blended harmoniously with a delicate touch of malt a bourbon that captivates the senses and delivers an unforgettable tasting experience.



Our exquisite gin is meticulously crafted using only the finest organic Italian wheat. Through a meticulous distillation process, we expertly infuse it with a unique blend of fresh botanicals and citrus, resulting in an unrivaled taste experience.

To begin, we select locally harvested juniper berries, hand-picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure the perfect balance of flavor. Next, we delicately introduce grapefruit, lemon, and orange peel, infusing our gin with a vibrant and refreshing citrus profile. The addition of green cardamom adds a subtle touch of aromatic spice, perfectly complemented by the gentle warmth of pink peppercorn.

But it doesn’t stop there. We go the extra mile by incorporating angelica root and coriander into our recipe, adding layers of complexity and depth to the gin’s flavor profile. These carefully chosen botanicals come together harmoniously, with angelica root serving as the anchor that melds all the flavors seamlessly.



o4d vodka

Our meticulously crafted Atlanta-made vodka is a smooth and clean-tasting spirit that evokes the delightful essence of a perfectly crafted creme brulee. Distilled five times from organic cane sugar and filtered through charcoal, it offers delicate hints of caramelized sugar. With an aroma blending sweet burnt sugar, caramel corn, banana custard, and lemon zest, this vodka delivers a smooth and satisfying taste journey, featuring gradually intensifying banana flavors and a perfectly caramelized sugar peak.


Lawn Dart

old fourth lawn dart

Our expertly crafted recipe combines the tangy zest of lemon, the fiery kick of ginger, and just the right amount of sweetness for a truly unforgettable flavor. Made with natural lemon and ginger essences, Old 4th Distillery Vodka, and pristine water, Lawn Dart is consistently refreshing and gluten-free. Enjoy pure, additive-free goodness with every sip!