The Legend

A story of three friends

we hope you enjoy drinking bourbon as much as we do

What started as a small group in 2016, the Shortbarrel name has become a staple on the shelves of home bars- assigned only to the barrels that meet our group’s high standards. We welcome you to our club and hope you appreciate as much as we do that no two barrels will be the same. Cheers to high standards and great friends.

What is a shortbarrel

A “shortbarrel” is a barrel that, upon bottling, has lost over 50% of its contents to angel’s share. Due to higher contact with air and oak, the whiskey inside ages differently, developing in a unique and powerful way.

The select few bottles that come from it tell a story of withstanding aging, evaporation, and ever changing climate – the perfect pour that battled the all elements and survived.

Only a select few get a taste before it’s gone forever. 

Meet the TEAM

Patrick Lemmond is a Dallas, TX native, husband, and father of two who currently lives in Dunwoody, GA.

Patrick is known for his love of his family, bourbon, and baseball, and trying to break 100 on the golf course.

Adam is a lifelong entrepreneur and Atlanta native. He fell deeply into the rabbit hole of collecting rare whiskey after discovering that bourbon is gluten free (yes, he’s one of those guys).

In 2016, Adam partnered with a group of friends to form the Shortbarrel barrel picking group. Between 2016 and 2020, the group selected over 350 barrels of spirits.


Clinton moved to ATL from Ohio in 2013. Clinton got his start collecting bourbon in 2014 when his now-wife Amber thought a bottle of Willett looked “cool.”

Clinton’s passion for bourbon extends well beyond this collection at home. You can find him out in stores and bars talking about all things whiskey. When he’s not drinking Shortbarrel, you can find him sipping on Old Weller Antique.