Legend of Shortbarrel

A story of three friends

we hope you enjoy drinking bourbon as much as we do

What started as a small group in barrel picking group 2016, the Shortbarrel name has become a staple on the shelves of home bars- assigned only to the barrels that meet our group’s high standards. We welcome you to our club and hope you appreciate as much as we do that no two barrels will be the same. Cheers to high standards and great friends.

Shortbarrel is currently distributed in 3 states. Georgia, Florida and Tennesse. We do also ship to 44 states online. Hit that shop button in the top right. 

In 2023, we acquired Atlanta’s first distillery, Old Fourth Distillery. We are very excited about the future of whiskey in Atlanta and beyond. 

Learn more about O4D. 

What is a "shortbarrel"

A “shortbarrel” is a barrel that, upon bottling, has lost over 50% of its contents to angel’s share. Due to higher contact with air and oak, the whiskey inside ages differently, developing in a unique and powerful way.

The select few bottles that come from it tell a story of withstanding aging, evaporation, and ever changing climate.

Fun Fact: Our brand name isn’t because of this and no we don’t only use “Shortbarrel’s.” Adam is indeed the reason we are called Shortbarrel. Ask him about in person, there is no reason to talk about someones height online! 

Meet the TEAM

Patrick is a Dallas, Texas native who moved to Atlanta in 2016. Patrick met Clinton at a super bowl party in the spring of 2017 but was shy and didn’t ask Clinton out on a man date until the spring of 2018 when the pair met for hot chicken and some bourbon talk.

Patrick started his bourbon collecting in 2012 in Dallas buying Eagle Rare and E.H. Taylor thinking he had just discovered liquid sunshine, not realizing they were from the same distillery 🤯.

Patrick joined Clinton and Adam in Shortbarrel, picking barrels in 2019. A Maker’s Mark private barrel and Knob Creek 12 year pick were enough to make this small hobby into an obsession. Patrick was part of the infamous 2020 barrel pick that started the brand despite nobody remembering they bought barrels.

Patrick has spent the last 12 years of his professional career in accounting and finance while also launching two startups in the Dallas market. He has a passion for entrepreneurial ventures and an unhealthy relationship with excel spreadsheets. It’s fitting that a degree from a Baptist University in accounting would eventually turn into a career in Bourbon.

When he is not in the distillery, Patrick is more than likely spending time and chasing after his two kids Sofia and Wyatt (pork chop) with his beautiful wife Alyse and their dog Ranger. Patrick is a former college athlete who now takes up golf as his vice when he isn’t sampling barrels.

The "short" in Shortbarrel. That's a fact.

Adam is a lifelong entrepreneur and Atlanta native. He fell deeply into the rabbit hole of collecting rare whiskey after discovering that bourbon is gluten free (yes, he’s one of those guys). In 2016, Adam partnered with a group of friends to form the Shortbarrel barrel picking group. Between 2016 and 2020, the group selected over 350 barrels of spirits.

Adam was born and raised in Atlanta and comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. He watched his father and stepmother build a company (APCO) from the ground up, and his childhood was filled with stories from his grandfathers about the ups and downs of building a company.

Because of this, Adam became a professional musician and majored in English at Arizona State.

Adam toured with the likes of John Mayer, Ben Folds, Alison Krauss, and Shawn Mullins before pursuing teaching in the Washington, D.C. area.

Try as he might, he could not stay away from the world of business. He was a terrible employee, and entrepreneurship was in his blood. After a few years of teaching and restaurant work, Adam moved to Atlanta in April of 2002, took his first direct sales position in June, and, at the age of 25, opened DMC Atlanta in July of 2003 with a team of eight people.


Originally from Ohio, Clinton moved to Atlanta in 2012. He likes to tell the story about how he met a stranger on Facebook in a parking lot and they became friends. No that was not his wife, Amber, that was indeed Adam in 2013. Clinton got his start collecting bourbon in 2014 when his now-wife Amber thought a bottle of Willett looked “cool” on a trip to Costco. I mean who doesn’t think a Willett Pot Still bottle isn’t cool?
Clinton joined Adam in Shortbarrel picking barrels in 2017 and it amplified everything bourbon. If you ever meet him in real life, ask him about his first Shortbarrel trip and the infamous Nacho beer. 😔

Clinton’s passion for bourbon extends well beyond this collection at home. Clinton is normally the person you’re talking to on social media behind the scenes at Shortbarrel. His passions are all things digital marketing, and with over 15 years of digital marketing knowledge, he brings that skillset to Shortbarrel.

When he is not talking about bourbon, you can find Clinton grilling, golfing or hanging with his beautiful family, Amber and Audrey. Can’t forget his two Goldendooles, Arnold and Rocky too!