Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Honey


This release is an annual release that comes out in the fall of each year!

BK3 us here and bigger than ever! We worked with beekeepers in each state we distribute in.

In typical Shortbarrel fashion, we have upped our game from our 2022 release by expanding our offerings as we expand our footprint! With distribution in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee, we now have three distinct releases, each using different barrels, honey, and aging locations in our warehouse over the past 7 months.
Let’s start with the OG here in GA.
10 total barrels in this batch
(2) 6.6-year Beam (Bookers)
(2) 6.4-year Greenriver
(3) 5.8 year Bardstown
(2) 4.8 year toasted blend of Bardstown/Green River – Kelvin #4
1 Single barrel was selected and will be headed to Pooler Package in Pooler, GA
The barrel entry proof on the blend was was 119.4, final proof 111.3
Honey: Honey Next Door, Decatur GA 
Distro: Empire Distribution
Brand new this year, Florida
6 total barrels in this batch
4 barrels in the final blend
(2) 4.8 Year Bardstown
(1) 5.1 Year Greenriver
(1) Toasted Blend – Kelvin #4
2 Single Barrels have been released already, one was released statewide, and the other was selected by Wine Regions in Clermont, Florida.
The barrel entry proof on the blend was 120.4, and the final proof was 111.2
Honey: Florida Cracker Honey and Orange Blossom from Old Florida Bee Company
Distro: Greenlight
The lowest yield and the highest proof.
6 Total Barrels
5 Barrels in the final blend
(2) Toasted Blend
(1) 4.8 Year Bardstown
(1) 5.11 Year Greenriver
1 Single barrel selected by Red Hot Liquors
The blend’s barrel entry proof was an impressive 120.6, but the final proof came out slightly lower at 115.4. Unfortunately, we experienced significant volume loss, likely due to these barrels being stored in the back of the warehouse throughout the summer. As a result, the blend’s final case count was a modest 80.
Honey: Tennessee Mountain and Dark Sourwood Honey from Tennessee Artisan Honey

Tasting Notes


Honey dominates the nose, and it won’t fade away. Deep notes of caramel, apples, pepper, and honey candies linger in the background.


Oh sweet honey, buttery popcorn, cinnamon spice, a “bit o honey” candy-like feel that keeps going, coating your mouth with a honey roasted cashew.


Bring on the proof. The long, thick, rich, creamy, honey finish remains. The proof lets you know it’s there and wants you to come back for more without overpowering the vanilla, honey, and oak that permeate from the barrel-aging.

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